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Does buying followers help my Instagram account?

When it comes to a social media platform like Instagram, the number of followers a brand has is proportional to how successful they are. These are accrued over a really long time. When you buy Instagram followers from us, you are getting years worth of followers in one go. This can help your brand compete against much bigger brands in your niche.

How quickly does my buy Instagram followers order come through?

Our Instagram packages are mostly delivered instantly or at least within few hours. However, there might be a few days when requirements are high and we might not be able to deliver it very fast. Additionally, If a huge amount of followers come to your account in one day, Instagram would get suspicious to your account and may put some restrictions on your account.

What do I do if my order for followers doesn’t come through?

Due to circumstances beyond our control, if your services haven't started even after 24 hours, do let us know either through our live chat or email or text message and we’ll get right on it or refund your money.

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