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How to Change Instagram Username Easily?

Want to know how to change your Instagram name? Then read on and we will look at the steps you need to take, and what else you need to know.

The first thing to know when it comes to changing an account name, is that there is a difference between your ‘name’ on Instagram, and your Instagram username.

The name is what you will be prompted to enter when you set up your account. It will ask for your full name, at which point you should enter your real name, or the name of your business. This is what will be displayed on your profile, meaning that it is how people will see you.

How to Change Username on Instagram? – Myfollowershop Blog

Of course, you might choose to use a nickname or shorthand name here. Others might create a new name specifically for their Instagram account.

But in most cases, you will want to know how to change Instagram name settings to match your real name.

The other option is your username on Instagram. This is what people will search for when they look for your account, it’s what people will use to tag you in, and it’s what you will use yourself when you log in. If you are interested in growing your account, then you should often aim to make your Instagram name and username the same. This helps to improve your brand visibility, so that followers know that it really is you, whenever they see your account appear in any format.

So if you want to know how to change Instagram name settings, then you need to first decide which type of name you wish to replace. Follow the steps below.

How to Change Instagram Name or Username

In order to change your Instagram username;

You should go to the profile on your Instagram account using the app.You’ll then be able to find the edit profile option, which is usually next to the display picture (note that this changes as the app gets updated).In here, you can change the display name, the username, and your profile image –all in order to make the page just as you like it, and to help you attract the maximum number of followers possible!

Being able to change your name on a whim is useful. This way, you can ensure that branding is consistent. If you were like many people and set up an Instagram account a long time ago, you might have initially used a ‘fun’ username, or perhaps one that you used on emails and in other places. This isn’t particularly professional, or useful when it comes to marketing and branding. Therefore, you may wish to change it after the fact. Now you know how!

In the settings pane of your Instagram account, you can also change a number of other aspects while you change your name. That might include your privacy settings, notification settings, payment options etc.

A couple of related options. One is to turn your account into a business account. This is free and easy and will give you more options for tracking analytics, reaching a larger audience, etc.

Verified Accounts can change username unlimitedly!

Another option is to get a verified account. This means that your account will have a small emblem next to it, telling people that you really are the person it says on your profile. This is an important feature for big brands and celebrities, who might need to compete with their own fan accounts, or with imposters! Being able to show you are the original will help to build trust and authority and will mean that only you can change your account name to yours! It also gives you access to more features, such as the ability to add links onto your stories.

Finally, you can make additional profiles. If you’re thinking of how to change Instagram name, then you might actually be better served by simply creating a new account altogether. This way, you can have one account that will be the authentic personal account, and another that can be a fun one, or a business one. Either way, Instagram makes it extremely easy to switch between more than one account, so there is no reason not to have multiple accounts with multiple names.

Choosing a Brand Name

So now you know how to change Instagram name and username settings, the next question is what should you change it to.

For businesses, this means thinking of a good brand name for Instagram. Look for how to change Instagram name to something that people will actually respond well to!

The best advice we can give on this front, is to choose a name that accurately communicates what your brand is all about. Your brand might be a fitness brand, it might be a business brand, or it might be about travel. More than that though, it probably has an ethos, a style and a tone all its own.

The aim of any good brand name should be to communicate these points along with any logo or style choices. This way, you can target your account at precisely the right kind of user: so that people who might potentially be interested in what you have to offer can start following you and then be more likely to stay engaged and potentially buy from you!

That’s how to change Instagram name to a good one, but think as well about your profile image. A good profile image can either be a logo, or it can be a photo that demonstrates the kind of thing you will be posting regularly. This will often be the first impression that someone has of your brand – so try to ensure that it is representative of your page as a whole!

For individual users, knowing how to change Instagram name to something effective is often much easier, as is choosing an image. Choose your own name, and choose an image that shows who you are. That means not only an image that looks good, but one that shows you doing the things you love, or spending time with the people you love.

Besides, if you want to create your first Instagram Ad, you may want to check this guide first.


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