7 Tips for Writing Good Instagram Captions in [2020]!

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

Writing and Instagram aren’t exactly synonymous. After all, Instagram is all about images, isn’t it? Well, no.

Your photos will grab your followers’ attention and may even snag you new Instagram followers. And a polished profile and catchy bio can make them want to hang out on your feed for a while. But it’s your captions that speak to your followers, helping to increase engagement and build relationships.

Which is why writing good Instagram captions can be difficult.

7 Tips for Writing Good Instagram Captions - Myfollowershop

As these words have such an impact, it’s important to make them count. But what do you want your captions to say? And what about the tone – should your Instagram captions be inspirational? Or do your followers look to you for funny, lighthearted captions? And what about the length?

The Importance of a Good Instagram Caption